General Contracting

We specialize in commercial and municipal general contracting.

JLY Construction Managers is bonded, insured, and registered to bid directly to numerous federal, state and local municipal agencies.  With a breadth of experience that covers every division of construction, we are prepared to tackle any challenge.

We utilize a network of loyal subcontractors and offer priority to disadvantaged local businesses.

Construction Management

Construction Management is a natural extension of our team's collective backgrounds and experience.

JLY Construction Managers is uniquely positioned to get the best results because we have worked on both sides successfully completing hundreds of projects.  Project management from the perspective of the general contractor, working directly with the subcontractors and tradespeople…and, Client representation, managing projects on behalf of the owner.

When you hire JLY Construction Managers to manage your project, we are betting our own reputation on your success.  We will not let you down.

Project Management Training

The Construction Industry is facing a severe shortage of skilled tradespeople, project managers, estimators, and administrators.  This isn’t a new problem.  It’s an issue that has been growing for years, particularly over the past decade.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of construction jobs go unfilled.  Good jobs.  Jobs that come with all the hallmarks of success…good pay, security, health benefits, retirement plans…careers, that construction firms simply can’t fill.

The reasons are numerous.  In simplest terms, the workers are aging out of the workforce and there just are not enough skilled workers to replace them.  With an emphasis placed over the past generation on white collar and tech jobs, there are fewer people attending vocational schools or completing apprenticeships to become Master Plumbers, Electricians, or Ironworkers.   And fewer still are those that pursue, or are even aware of the opportunities that lie on the “white-blue collar” side…the professional estimators, project managers and construction administrators that are every bit as integral as the boots on the ground.

In most states there are specific, government regulated programs associated with pursuing and obtaining a trade license.  Work as an apprentice under a licensed master tradesperson for several years before finally taking an exam and becoming a license holder yourself.  Not so for the white-blue collar workers.  Most construction managers and estimators do their learning on the job if they are lucky enough to stumble into it.  Those that do follow a path with this specific career goal in mind typically obtain degrees in engineering or attend one of the very few colleges or universities that offer degree programs in Construction Management.  Those same construction-career minded individuals most often seek out and land at the biggest of the big construction firms.  This leaves thousands of small and medium size contractors with no clear pipeline for new white-blue hires.

This is the problem that JLY Construction Managers helps solve.

We seek out promising individuals, educate them, and work to pair them with commercial construction contractors.

Each year, we offer several 8-week construction project management training sessions.  Each session is open to a limited number of participants.  There is no cost to the participants.  To find out when the next session will be held, or to apply, send an inquiry to joel@jlyllc.com

Employers seeking newly trained candidates, please send an inquiry to laura@jlyllc.com